Visit Spice of Life Studio for Gift Ideas and Personalizations

If you’re getting ready to get married, you know you’re going to need a lot of different items to carry it all off and pull your wedding party together. The last thing you want is to be overwhelmed and under-planned.

You know us as disc jockeys, but we are more than that! Why not see if we have what you’re looking for? Just click HERE and you’ll go to our sister site, Spice Of Life Studios. There are personalization options galore, so feel free to browse, choose a product or bring us one you’ve purchased elsewhere and we’ll customize it to your liking. We can custom carve or engrave on almost any hard surface including: wood, stone, glass and metals — even eggshell!

We can also help out with those important invitations, if you haven’t yet chosen them, or if you are newly engaged, perhaps you’d like something a little different to send out as your “save the date” notice.  We can help you put that together as well with something unique and truly “you”.

Be sure to contact us with any questions or if you have any issues with product ordering, shipments or returns.

Thank you for considering CN Starz* Entertainment and Spice of Life Studio for all your wedding needs!

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DJ Availability and FAQs

Answering key questions helps determine how your event will unfold.  You ask the questions and we’ll give you up-front answers.  We know everyone is busy these days, so please be sure to give us as much information as you can to help us provide you with the best quote and service information possible.  Not sure what it is that you want or need?

Start by telling us about your event:  When will it be held?  Where are you holding it?  Do you want or need special music?  How long will you need us?  Do we have to move our equipment more than once?  Are you having it inside or outside?  Do you need additional cover to protect the area?  Each of these questions and more is where we will start when we work with you.

For our business partner prospects: What image do you want to project?  Do you already have specific images for the event or video?  Will you have special performances, public speakers or is it a more open forum? Do you want us to prepare the scripting and edits or would you prefer we take a more limited approach?

For those wanting a family history interview: Do you have some basic questions you want answered or do you want us to provide scripted questions?  Have you already done some of the homework to provide information, photographs and any other product for us to include in your family “documentary”?  Do you have a special location chosen for the interview to be held?

For a full list of available services and packages available, please see our “Services Offered” page.

We will do our very best to answer your questions promptly and honestly and to offer you ethical and on-time services. Let us know what you need! We play YOUR way.

David and Connie Spicer

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