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Payment and Contract Options

Do you have a question about our contract and want to get it answered?  Do you need to get a deposit in or finalize your payment to CN Starz* Entertainment? You can either mail a check to us or we can email you an invoice with a direct payment option if you prefer to use a credit card!  Your information is secure because no one gets it but you.

If you don’t like digital payments, just send an email to us at and we will respond promptly if you prefer to send a check by mail or if you prefer some other method of payment.

If you are subscribing to our TalkFusion portfolio, you can do that directly through our site.  Simply click on this LINK and you will be able to view the many products to help your business grow.  Go check them out! You’ll love how simple it is to market and use the tools there.  You can find out more information on this sweet suite of tools HERE.

Thank you for using CN Starz* Entertainment!

CJ and David
CJ and David Spicer

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