Weeknight program prices

apply from Monday through Thursday from 6:00 PM through 11:59 PM — Pricing is for 3 hour minimums at flat rate of $200.00, additional hours after midnight run $100.00 per hour.

Extra charges may apply if

1) traveling over 30 miles from base of operation,

2) if there are physical obstacles (example: multiple stairs versus having an elevator available)

3) multiple moves/set-ups

4) additional hours play time

5) if we have to stay in local accommodations or make special travel arrangements to your venue

For clubs we also offer multiple booking opportunities.  As an example, you may wish to contract with us for four two-hour programs to be held within 12 months; by purchasing 3, you will be able to schedule the 4th free of charge, or by running a longer term contract, you may consider additional options to your in-club shows such as live-streaming, podcasting, event photography and promotions on our Social Networking and business websites.

Additional hours available at $100.00 per hour rate after midnight, regardless of start time.


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