Weekday Programs

Monday through Friday — 10 AM through 4:00 PM, pricing for our single day, 2-hour minimum is $100.00.

Extra charges may apply if

1) traveling over 30 miles from base of operation,

2) if there are physical obstacles (example: multiple stairs versus having an elevator available),

3) multiple moves/set-ups

4) additional hours play time

For school programs, assisted living/retirement communities, etc., we also offer multiple booking opportunities.  As an example, you may wish to contract with us for four two-hour programs to be held within 12 months; by purchasing 3, you will be able to schedule the 4th free of charge.

Three programs @ $100.00 + 4th program free; to be scheduled and held within 12 months of contract approval.

Additional hours available at $50.00 per hour rate up through 4PM.

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