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Gig Video – Photo Gallery

Click on the hyperlinked titles of the gigs below to see photos and videos at some of our events.


Zeman/Cundiff Wedding (2013)

Valencia/Tillery Wedding (video) (2014)

Atherton/Marshall Wedding (2014)

Salemme (2006)

Blue Star Wine Bar Contestants:

“So You Think You Can Sing” (series videos – 2014)

Christopher Cammarota

Maureen Bosch

Paul Kelly

Kacy Carvajal

Nancy Carvajal

Blue Star Wine Bar Voice Contest-Week 2 Part 1

Blue Star Wine Bar Voice Contest-Week 2 Part 2

Blue Star Wine Bar Voice Contest-Week 3

Blue Star Wine Bar Voice Contest-Finals


Growing Healthy Kids Promo

Carly Ford, Chocolatier


Early Parties

Integrated Youth Services: Company “Family” Halloween Party

Halloween at the Hangar


Fun Photos and Videos

Bangles (2003)

Gin Blossoms (2006)


Fundraisers/Charitable Events

Integrated Youth Services: Karaoke at Shawnee Lake (2003)

B. Good Fundraiser (2004)

ACS Relay for Life-North County, 2013


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