Singing Contest at Blue Star Wine Bar Benefits Healthy Start Coalition

Blue Star Wine Bar, located in Vero Beach is holding a “Voice” style singing contest to benefit Healthy Start Coalition of Indian River County.  Three local celebrity judges will be kept from viewing contestants, and will only be permitted to listen to their vocal performance.

CN Starz Entertainment will be providing the sound, master of ceremonies and more.  Contestants will be recorded for podcasting and each nights’ event will be Livestreamed on the CN Starz Channel at

The contest is slated to start on February 4th, 2014 at 7 pm until 8:30 pm.  Grand Prize winner will win $250.00 cash, a singing gig at the Blue Star Wine Bar and a chartered cruise aboard the Moonraker catamaran, captained by Vero’s own Bruce Jackson.

Blue Star Wine Bar and CN Starz Entertainment to hold benefit singing contest
Blue Star Wine Bar and CN Starz Entertainment to hold benefit singing contest for Healthy Start Coalition

For more information or to enter, contact the Blue Star Wine Bar at (772) 231-3338 or CN Starz Entertainment at (772) 501-3836, or connect to their Facebook pages.

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Karaoke Experiences: Please Share

In and around our business, we run into issues and answers of all kinds, and we like to hear from you too.  So, I’d like to start with an easy question, one everyone who sings karaoke has at least one answer for, and that is: What are some of your best and worst karaoke experiences?

In the more than 20 years that I’ve been singing karaoke, I’ve seen a lot.  I’ve seen club owners stiff KJ’s (and been one of those stiffed slobs back in the day), I’ve seen people butcher music and fall over equipment because they couldn’t hold their beer in their hands, let alone keep it in their bodies any longer.  We’ve seen Karaoke Jocks who can’t or don’t do their job well, who give those of us who work hard a tough row to hoe because they aren’t professional. We’ve seen folks help other folks overcome a fear of performance and learn to enjoy being in front of a microphone, whether or not they sing well – at least they are having a good time, and have accomplished something they might never have before: to perform in front of others.

Frankly, we do it because we love it.  And we love the vast majority of those out there who perform, who are gentlemen and ladies about it all.  We love those who need a pick-up to get up on stage (hey, it’s tough for many-and you really have to have some stone to get up there), and we love it when someone who has never before gotten up to sing, does so and knocks it out of the park (along with those who can’t carry a tune and STILL knock it out, their own way!)

So, take a minute, fill us in, and tell us: What is the best and the worst experience you have had at karaoke?  It’s OK, you aren’t on stage here.  Smile

Videos From CN Starz Events

Videos From CN Starz Events

Watch live streaming video from cnstarz at

We will be adding videos and montages from our events, tourist localities and featured businesses.  Please stop in and visit! We’ll let you know when we get the channel up and running. As always, thanks for visiting!


Video produced and edited by Connie Spicer

Choosing A DJ For Your Wedding…

What do you see happening at your special event?  Do you expect people to sit at tables, quietly chatting while music plays subtly in the background?  Do you want people to jump up, yelling, to go run and dance to the song that just came on?  Are you hoping to find a DJ that knows how to perform or just a body to play what you tell them, when you tell them?

Our mixer

I don’t think there are too many who want a body sitting at a table-and while every crowd has it’s own peculiarities–you’ll know, probably better than anyone else, the basic kind of music your family and friends will want to listen to and enjoy.  That’s where we come in.  I want to pick your brain beforehand, so that I know what ages will be in attendance, what your expectations are, how rowdy or how demure you want your event to be.

Wedding music?  Of course.  And dinner music, dance music and even wind-em down a bit music.  You want the special stuff, like Aunt Mabel’s favorite song from when she was a little girl, or your Dad’s all-time gotta-have-it song from his college days.  Give us enough notice and we’ll guarantee it.  Give us a little notice and the likelihood is that we’ll be able to find it. Oftentimes, as long as we have an internet connection, we can get it on the spot, on request.

What are the traditions you want at your wedding?  You want all the wedding party announced when you come in, of course…  Mom and Dad haven’t been together for a while?  That’s OK, we can work on it.  Dollar dance is fine!  How about a special dance for the  bridesmaids, and something a bit different for the groomsmen.  Cutting the cake music, Garter Toss, Bouquet Toss.  Your DJ should have your song selections from you well in advance to get an effective playlist together.  They should always work with the photographer and the wedding planner to stay on track and keep on track through your reception or special event.

If any wedding actually went off without a hitch I would be surprised but there are things you can do to make sure it runs smoothly and that is, simply, to help the DJ get prepared.  If they aren’t calling you ahead of time or communicating by email, maybe you want to rethink this choice.  Are they going to play “Baby Got Back”, even though you know it will offend your grandparents?  Maybe you don’t want the Hokey Pokey or the Chicken Dance (although why that would be I have no idea!  It’s one the older folks can usually get into…)

Also, don’t forget to discuss clothing. Weddings can be casual or black tie and your DJ should be dressed accordingly. If you’re ok with black dress slacks and a white shirt, that’s fine, but if you expect formalwear, you need to let them know that also.

The main thing is communication and confidence.  If you feel that your DJ is doing right by you, they probably are.  Leaving it up to chance when you have a pretty good idea about what is going to work and what won’t is not the best plan. You will get what you pay for.  And in this economy, you can get a serious professional at very reasonable rates.  Don’t be shy about saying so!

Connie and David Spicer
email us at:

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Decades: 1940’s Through 2011

To give you a taste of our current music library, we wanted to offer a demo, showing a taste from our “decades” of music. Whether 1940’s dance music to the most current sound, we have it available. So, grab your favorite adult beverage (it’s ok, this is a G rated podcast), turn your speakers on, click on the title below and have a listen to our latest Mixcloud podcast…

CN Starz* Entertainment – Our Mission and Promise to You

Our Mission

CN Starz* Entertainment’s mission is to provide services over and above the rest.  We want your event or your business message to shine.   With a bit of help and planning with you, that can happen.

“We Play Your Way” is more than a catch phrase for us, it’s what we want for each of our clients and our customers to know — that we have what you want and need for your event, that we’ll play it and that it will be a fun and memorable event for all.  We don’t want to cut cookies — we all know just how easy that is to do.


What is our mission? What do YOU want?

So, what do you want from a DJ?  You want an event to go smoothly, for the music to fit the occasion, for the requests to be available as much as possible and for your guests to be enjoying every moment.  You want “YOUR” song.

Our business clients want a message that pops, one that strikes a chord with their customers, one that says, “You need to come to us”.  They want their message to reach their prospective clients and they want it to educate their potential customers about why they need to use our client’s services or products.

That is our mission, and our promise, to you.

Please email us for more information at or call our voice mail service at (772) 226-0266 and for more information, visit our regular webpage at CN Starz* Entertainment! Thanks for stopping by.

DJ Availability and FAQs

Answering key questions helps determine how your event will unfold.  You ask the questions and we’ll give you up-front answers.  We know everyone is busy these days, so please be sure to give us as much information as you can to help us provide you with the best quote and service information possible.  Not sure what it is that you want or need?

Start by telling us about your event:  When will it be held?  Where are you holding it?  Do you want or need special music?  How long will you need us?  Do we have to move our equipment more than once?  Are you having it inside or outside?  Do you need additional cover to protect the area?  Each of these questions and more is where we will start when we work with you.

For our business partner prospects: What image do you want to project?  Do you already have specific images for the event or video?  Will you have special performances, public speakers or is it a more open forum? Do you want us to prepare the scripting and edits or would you prefer we take a more limited approach?

For those wanting a family history interview: Do you have some basic questions you want answered or do you want us to provide scripted questions?  Have you already done some of the homework to provide information, photographs and any other product for us to include in your family “documentary”?  Do you have a special location chosen for the interview to be held?

For a full list of available services and packages available, please see our “Services Offered” page.

We will do our very best to answer your questions promptly and honestly and to offer you ethical and on-time services. Let us know what you need! We play YOUR way.

David and Connie Spicer

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