Have you considered the importance of your family history? Do you have some special loved ones who are getting along in years, with a rich story of their own to pass on? Do you even know the many mysteries of their life, their adventures and loves? Details are often lost because the stories they have to tell are never properly recorded and kept. Clues to their family members and their past are kept inside-forgotten and never recovered. Let us help you create special memories with some of the key players in your own history, or consider taking the time to create your own special story to pass on to those you love.

How many of your own stories would you like to share with your children, and their children, but you’re just not comfortable talking to them? Or you remember an event and despite its’ impact, the day to day takes over and you lessen the importance of that one event. It becomes dormant in your mind, even if it remains in your heart. It’s difficult, sometimes, to open up and share personal stories and memories, because for many folks, they don’t feel they have lived a terribly exciting life. And yet, sometimes the very smallest adventure has a huge impact on the future. Let me relate a story for you:

“In 1969, a young family went camping in Yellowstone National Park in a small, but comfortable pop-up tent travel trailer. They had looked forward to — and carefully planned — the vacation. The family consisted of husband, wife and four children aged 2, 9, 10 and 12 years old. One evening, there, deep in the Wyoming wilderness, a deep chill took over. The family warmed up the trailer and lit their kerosene lamp, preparing for a night of family card playing after their dinner. Under the canopy of pine, the parents cleared the table while the kids waited impatiently at the table to play their game before bed. Suddenly, somehow, the kerosene lantern tipped and fell, heading toward the floor. If the glass shattered, the family would likely never have been able to get out in time to save all of them as the kerosene would surely have quickly spread the flames. But, the older daughter, who had just turned nine, in the blink of an eye, bare-handed the lantern directly on the hot glass and put it back on the table. She suffered nasty burns on her hands as a result, but the family was not injured in any way.”

My mother wrote about this event in her little notebook that she considered her travel log, though I barely remember the event and rarely think of it. I likely would have completely forgotten about it, were it not for having come across her journal of that vacation, reading it and recalling that event and the pain of the wraps around my hands while they healed.

Consider though, had I not caught that lantern I am quite sure I would not have the family I have today — my children surely would not have existed. My brothers and their families, my sister and her spouse would never have come together. My parents may never have survived, and who knows what changes to the world may have been lost, if not for that instinctive catch. I can say that it is highly likely that six people might have perished and had that happened, there are seven grandchildren, six great grandchildren as of this writing, that would not have come into the world. And if my life’s impact is not enough, perhaps one of theirs will have great meaning, or healing or something wonderful to offer well beyond me. I relate the story because it is not sometimes the big things that have meaning, sometimes it is the smallest of adventures that have the most lengthy impact in a lifetime. These small things can and should be shared with family.

Available with or without video, copied to your media of choice (flashdrive, DVD, etc.) Interviews are conducted in person, at your choice of locations. We will provide video, audio and photographic details using questions of your choice or using prepared questions from our guidebooks, and can even set up your very own family history website. This very special program is something you and your family can continue for years to come, providing an archive of data, photos, anecdotes and so much more!

The Family History Interviews are also exceptional when conducted prior to weddings, special anniversaries and can always be added on to afterward, and shared at these events for all to see.

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