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Night's participants and Kitty Wagner of the Blue Star Wine Bar

What do we offer customers and clients?

We’re more than “just” mobile DJ’s.  From high-end weddings to backyard barbques – from our own New Years to Chinese New Years — Christenings to Mitzvahs, holiday parties, birthdays, anniversaries — we will provide the music you want and we work to exceed your expectations.  With the appropriate lead time, we can custom create a tailored musical event for you and your guests.

We also offer Small Business Marketing Solutions, Masters of Ceremonies, Wedding Officiant Service,  Open Mic, Karaoke, Lip Sync Battles, Dance Music (all genres and from 1940’s through today’s favorites), Trivia/Game Night, Vocalist, Voice Overs, Motivational Speakers and more.  We can also provide dance floors and full lighting systems for your special occasion to make sure the ambiance is right.  Please email or call for a quote for the services you need, and review our individual services pages for more specific information on the services you’re looking for.

Disc Jockeys-

They come with all professional equipment and smiling happy faces too!  And right here we are:

CN Starz Entertainment-The Spicers
CN Starz Entertainment-The Spicers

We also have DJ associates who can provide your services in Spanish who will keep things moving for you as well!

Em Cees-

(MC’s, or Master of Ceremonies)

We’ll do this for you, or you may have someone in mind you’d like to lead the event and that is never a problem. We are happy to work with your Event Planner or Photographer to keep your event running smoothly, to keep your friends out on the floor, and to try to keep the stress out of your life. Let us know upfront who you want running things and we’ll get with them to work with your itinerary.

Wedding Officiant Service-

Connie obtained her notary license for the State of Florida in order to be able to offer this additional service to our clients and customers. Commission expires October 2016.  Notaries in Florida can charge NO MORE for the officiant service than $20.00.  Depending upon how far the drive is, there may be a travel fee, please note.

Karaoke, Open Mic or Lip Sync Battles!

We have thousands of #karaoke songs on hundreds of discs. We have back ups in place, and we know there will be something for everyone — young and old! We offer ethnic sounds as well, so be sure to ask about those special titles! Feel free to make special requests!

#OpenMicNights are great fun at any venue.  Make it a regular night, or start a contest.  Hold a “Voice” Contest as a fundraiser or just for fun.  Get the local talent to come to you — and bring their friends too!

Have you watched #LipSyncBattles on TV?  Bring it to your venue or special event and watch the laughs grow.  Makes a great fund-raising event, or just a weekly or monthly draw for your pub.  Try something different – Lip Sync Battles!  (We can even add a bit of extra fun with Green Screen and back lighting to video your guests and put them in the middle of their own rock show!)

Small Business Marketing Solutions-

From event promotions and planning, speed networking events, podcasting and livestreaming of specialized events (online or on location), video solutions: including video email, video newsletters, web teleconferencing with global solutions using TalkFusion products and more!  Please inquire about our business marketing solutions-we excel in providing our services to small and micro businesses at a price point that will allow your business to appreciate and grow.

Voice Overs- 

Are you interested in creating an ad for radio? Your ad copy can be written and vocals provided for use at the local available stations.  Samples of Connie’s vo’s are available for you to preview.  If you want a different sound, let us work it up for you!

Dance Music-

Music from the 1940’s on up to today’s most popular sounds, we have them. If we don’t have them, we will do our best to find them in time for your event. We may need a good lead time, however, so if there is something special, be sure to let us know as soon as possible.  Not all titles are easily available.  If there is an acceptable substitute by another artist, we may use it.  Also, wifi may be required for immediate access to the music of choice.  We also have plug-in’s available for those who want to share their music library from their phone or iPod.


If you need someone to sing for your wedding or event, Connie Spicer is happy to sing for you. Let us know that is what you prefer and she’ll work it up with our music or with your accompanist. If you would like a vocal sampling, please visit >THIS LINK< to hear some recordings she has done for you to preview as a sample of her stylings.

Trivia Games-

We are stepping into the gaming arena and have a number of new sources for trivia. You might just give it a whirl at your club! You never know what’s going to get folks going!

Clubs and Restaurants-

We do offer special rates for contract work. If you have been considering trying #karaoke at your restaurant or pub, keep in mind a couple of things-

  1. if you’ve had karaoke there, the customers may resist a change of DJ. Be sure to give the new KJ’s a couple of weeks to work out the personality kinks.
  2. If you want your customers to know about karaoke, please advertise! It’s tough to get things going when the only ones singing are 2 regulars and the KJ.  We will do our best: We provide event listings in our local social networks geared toward this service so all our friends who do karaoke will know where and when to come.
  3. Keep in mind, it may take a few weeks to grow the following-it’s not just your locals, but our friends have to find us each time we move and may have to adjust their schedules as well.

Schools and Retirement/Assisted Living Facilities-

We have special Day rates for you folks. Please give us a call to discuss your interests and needs.

For #ActivityDirectors: young children and older people (even those with issues, such as autism or Alzheimers) often respond well to music when nothing else will.  When scheduling day events, keep us in mind.  We are compassionate about our youth and seniors and will work hard to provide a gentle and compassionate event with your residents or students in mind.

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